Milwaukee Weddings

Having just gone back from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I found it really cool. I mean, the Californian that I am, I’ve only thought of it as the setting of That 70’s Show where Ashton Kutcher shouts “Hello Wisconsin!!!” at the end. I didn’t realize it was that cool. The places are a mix of mainstream and history, but, over all I think it’s cool to have a vacation in, probably even a wedding. Oh I should tell you about how cool this site is and they cater specifically to Milwaukee Weddings.

It’s called 1Weddingsource and it is a directory for anyone wanting to connect with vendors in one easy location which includes Milwaukee. The website also provides tools and articles to help users through the wedding planning journey. If you drop down this site, you would find it nice and cozy and very easy to use. Their content is very comprehensive and the services they offer are explained thoroughly. They also have wedding articles available.. plus, you might actually win yourself a honeymoon. Now, I do know there are lots of people reading this site who are planning on tying the knot this year. I say why dont you check out this website and what they have to offer.