“In A Bit” is Evil

I called my brother immediately after getting the order – 50 bereavement shirts due before 3pm. That’s relatively the amount we get in a given week so you can tell this was a workload more than a personalizing store can handle in a day. My brother, who was going around the area buying supplies for the store, told me he was gonna be there by 2pm.

Now, I do realize that no one could run this business 24/7. Being in the mall, we get fined if we open after 10pm, or if we close later than 9:30pm (30 minutes after the mall closes). Without the 15-minute, Filipino-time leeway, and without any employees that knows the business well enough, it’s easy to get burned out.

Me, being nice and hot and *insert cool trait here*, I’ve always made it a point to support any of my family members. I even go so far as to say that my purpose in this world is only to make sure that their interests materialize.

So at 2pm, at the hour my brother said he’d arrive, with me frantically trying to finish all the orders, I called him again and asked what time he was gonna come.

“In a bit,” he said.

I called him again at 3pm to ask how long this “in a bit” was. Lucky he arrived just in time to explain why the order wasn’t finished.

He gave me hush money worth 15 bucks and finished what’s left of the orders until 6pm to the wondrous delight of the customers. Lesson in the animal kingdom: “in a bit” is evil.