What If Obama and Clinton Were Filipino

The other day, Obama and Clinton chose to get out of Michigan and go together in the public along with John Edwards to tell the people – their constituents, the democratic party, and the independents – that they are united as democrats and issues of race isn’t something they respect even though such things have been thrown by their staffers.

Of course, the good thing about this is that they all agree on the idea that issues ruining other people for the sake of ones benefit – crab mentality – isn’t something that they go for in order to become the next president. I dont know if that’s something that could help their campaigns but it’s certainly something we can’t find in Philippine politics.

If those two were Filipinos, everything would’ve been personal – accusations  here and there, along with out of this world promises, and of course, ego. And since they’re from the same political party, you might even find a split somewhere in there just so each of them could run. Well.. we’ll see