Audio Ads

What if you could earn from every visitor that drops by your site without you having to make them click on your ads. And what if you could earn from every visitor just by from an audio that people hear when they get on your website. I think this is an ingenious idea that could potentially make people good money if you become an affiliate.

The site boast of being backed by one of the world leading search engines which would open come 2/1 08 with 7 million web sites signed in three weeks. Aside from this you can also make tons of money by referring several blogs and webmasters into the website. The bad thing though is that the first of February will come in two weeks and you should probably get on the website as quickly as possible before the opportunity is gone.

Drop by the website today and jump in on this new opportunity. The website is nicely designed and has a very good promise. There is also a video on the site that explains specifically how the process goes along with the many chances you have in earning. The video also shows you how great of a potential this ad service has. So, I say what are you waiting for.

The Matrix

“In general, the only ones holding ourselves back,
after 1946, would be ourselves.”

I kinda like that quote; it’s profound, meaningful and it’s got lots of commas. I caught it at MLQ3’s blog where I had to endure two and a half speeches – one great, one insightful, and one filled with the words Nanotechnology and Mathematics.

The gigolotic-sentimental-romantic that I am, I’ve never seen myself as someone who could change the world; more like the guy who sees it… coz those are the ones who live remarkable lives.

All that Rich Dad, Poor Dad crap does me no good but MLQ3’s quote does. Translation: We hear these speeches so we can see that which prevents us from becoming better people.

We are so used being spoonfed, staying in one place secured ourselves in four walls that is our prison. We forego vision and settle for the crap.