My One Night Stand With Peter Petrelli

He was there, sitting in front of my computer, seemingly waiting for me to wake up – Peter Petrelli, clad in black, pissed.

“Get up, Jack.” He told me.

“Hey aren’t you Peter Petrelli?”

“There’s no time to ask. We have to save the world.”

“Ok, you’re being a bitch.” I responded wanting to give him a whole slew of rants about what I think about actors. But then, the house shook.

“It’s an earthquake,” I told him, and seeing that he’s in front of the window continued, “You cant stay there. If the house falls the shrapnels will kill you.”

(Trivia: I set my bed in the safest corner of the room just in case an earthquake hits while I’m asleep)

“It’s not an earthquake, let’s go!” He said in a nervous voice and started to run.

I tagged along until we reached a tunnel that resembled the Dust 1 Counterstrike map. Peter then told me to take the left path which led to the bomb site. So I did. I moved slowly as I overheard the ticking of a bomb (duh). And Further on, I was able to see it and its guardian, Sylar..

Darn it, these Heroes episodes never run out of twists. Good thing ’twas lunch time.

Turned aback from me, sitting on one of those picnic tables, Sylar was just about to eat his baon. He took a tupperware out of a bag and opened it. He was having rice.

The fast thinking Me immediately ran towards Sylar and pushed his head into the tupperware, pressing it hard intending to suffocate the wretched villain… with rice. (I know. lame.)

Seconds later, Sylar stopped moving. I hanged on just in case he was still alive.

Of course, he was.

“I dont know what you’re trying to achieve with this.” He said.

I realized the sonovabitch cant be killed through natural means and I knew instantly, sharp and fast thinking as always, exposed to the one man that could imperil me with such ginormous pain and suffering, that my only recourse was to run. I lifted Sylars head and snapped it just like they did in those kung fu movies hoping to break his neck. Then I ran as fast as I could knowing none of my TV-learnt tactics could ever work in real life (or, in this case, dream life).

Meeting Peter Petrelli awhile later, I told him that Sylar was after me.

He then replied to my distaste, “Thank you Jack. We had to divert him away from the bomb site so we could save the world.”

That other sonovabitch used me as bait to ..well save the fucking world!?! I could have given Peter another bunch of rants of how this world is unfair and why I choose not to be the nice and angelic soul my mother wanted me to be. But, Peter Petrelli then flew away leaving me behind as Sylar caught up.

“Should I kill you now?” Sylar asked as blood started to drip from my head.

That’s when I woke up to a song I hadn’t played in a long time. Weird.

6 thoughts on “My One Night Stand With Peter Petrelli

  1. i agree with Q… wasn’t there a hidden message somewhere in the .. say?.. title? darn… misleading. next post please! harhar…

    oh and yeah.. you watch too much tv. 😛

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