Comfoods Million Peso Scam by Gary and Margarita Huang

Gary Huang, Nicole Huang, Margarita Huang, and Conrad Huang. Remember their names and their faces, they are expert swindlers and scammers.

Just recently this month, the victims of the Comfoods scam reported this incident to the NBI. Comfoods and the Huang family are currently under investigation, and now hiding in plain sight.

Comfoods, a Filipino company, conglomeration of three pioneering food-manufacturing companies, which were merged on September 30, 1968. The three corporations were: Commonwealth Foods, Inc., Philippine Food Industries, Inc., and the Filipinas Biscuit Corporation. With the merger, the three entities were re-organized into the Cofi Division (for Roasted and Instant Coffee products), Philfood Division (for Cocoa and Chocolate products), and Fibisco Division (for Biscuit products) of COMFOODS.

Comfoods President Anthony Huang said the GMA news that they are not connected with Comfoods for over a decade and the real master mind is just Margarita Huang. But… all of them are hiding, except the kid, I think.

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One thought on “Comfoods Million Peso Scam by Gary and Margarita Huang

  1. They should also investigate the front person of the scam who actively recruited for the Huangs, her name is Rosemarie Abulencia…she is an accomplice by the very fact she was issuing checks for the interest of some of the investors using her own personal BDO account. To add insult to injury, a contract was stumbled upon showing that she was getting 20% for the principal she passed on to Margarita Huang from her investors and in return she would only pay them from 4-6% leaving the bulk of the interest for her own pocket. She has children studying in France right now hence the high cost of living she has to maintain for her kids abroad.

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