75 Learnings from the Blogs

I was gonna do 100 but I got lazy to link 25 more people. Anyway there’s been a lot of year enders and blog lists this past week so I thought I’d do semi-kinda-all-of-them in one post. Yay! Seventy five lessons I learned from the blogs. Happy New Year to everyone.. pramis, magbabago na ko after this =P

74. AJ Matela
Lesson: If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, what are they still doing on Earth.

73. BryanBoy
Lesson: Nothing’s so cool as to have one of the best Philippine blogs owned by someone who can handle the fame. Lolz!

72. Iskoo
Lesson: There are no rules to making good photographs, there are only good photographs!

71. Kironobu-kun
Lesson: Canadian schools must be tough for one to drop blogging.

70. The Dork Factor
Lesson: One has to be really confident about his sexuality to talk about it so skankily.

69. Q the Quixotic Conqueror
Lesson: Love knows no out-of-bounds.

68. Mike Villar
Lesson: Dont be a blog of lists (..err ..did anyone say list?)

67. Pogispotting
Lesson: Who says you cannot publish pictures without consent.

66. Poyt
Lesson: The Spice Girls weren’t so bad.

65. Maika (not blogging anymore)
Lesson: When you see an article talking about crushes. Comment on it with the name of the crush and link it back to your site. It’s a sweet prank, I tell you.

64. Gyk
Lesson: Bob Ong rocks!

63. Jokway
Lesson: Pinoy video blogging doesn’t always have to be slapstick..

62. Jake the Miserable
Lesson: The Grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.

61. BoyBastos.com
Lesson: Politics ruins everything!

60. Chuva of the Chenes
Lesson: Swardspeak is a brewing language in the Philippines, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

59. Blogbastic
Lesson: I heart memes. 😛

58. Jester in Exile
Lesson: Anarchy is the only slight glimmer of hope…

57. Lenggai
Lesson: Sleep is good. All the time.

56. Carlo Vergara
Lesson: Art is a language.

55. Frances Doplon
Lesson: Focus 90% of your time on solutions and only 10% of your time on problems.

54. Noemi Dado
Lesson: I do not understand women. All I know is that I should listen to them.

53. Jayvee Fernandez
Lesson: Humility is an admirable trait not too many people find.

52. Avid Liongoren
Lesson: Never expect.

51. Bianca Gonzales
Lesson: Write an open letter to God. Hihi.

50. KC Concepcion
Lesson: Fame can wait.

49. Yatot Chronicles
Lesson: Green was in!

48. Chuckie D
Lesson: Let all your actions, though they are not those of a king, be, in their own sphere, worthy of one.

47. Instant Pakulo
Lesson: Cockroaches make good pets; they’re not noisy and they feed for themselves. (Coman, kung nasan ka man.. ipinagbubunyi ka namin!)

46. Kantuterong Atenista
Lesson: Ateneans, though they know alot about literature, must’ve missed the lesson on sarcasm.

45. Cofibean
Lesson: Make poverty history (he prefers genocide though.. you know, killing all the poor. I do not agree with that)

44. SkyeLau
Lesson: When you rant.. RANT!

43. Talamasca
Lesson: Moses lingered in the desert for 3 generations. Gandhi starved himself for peace. The Wright Brothers wanted to fly. Indeed, great people had some sort of mental retardation. Lolz!

42. Dana
Lesson: Where arrogance does not thrive, men can.

41. Arbet
Lesson: Dissent – Action = Consent.

40. Cliff
Lesson: Writing talent must be genetic.

39. Shari
Lesson: Where there is a difference in opinion, explore the opinion rather than the difference.

38. *Bord*(lost in limbo)
Lesson: A technical objection is the first refuge of a scoundrel.

37. Carl Ocab
Lesson: Honor thy Father and Mother!

36. Carl Ocab’s Dad (not a blogger.. i think)
Lesson: Marketing is a craft.

35. Ate Ria
Lesson: Call it like you see it.

34. AnnaManila
Lesson: A life of meaning entails enthusiasm.

33. Chocomanik
Lesson: It is hard to chase a butterfly. Literally.

32. Kubiyat
Lesson: Literature is a painting of words few could create.

31. Doc Tess
Lesson: To err is human, To love.. still human! =P

30. Dan Hellbound
Lesson: RAWR!

29. Billycoy
Lesson: Always keep an open mind

28. AgentGrey
Lesson: ..and a compassionate heart.

27. Fritzified
Lesson: That which is cool can never be understood.

26. Happyslip
Lesson: The Filipino family is a beautiful disasturrrr

25. Utakgago
Lesson: ‘Comfort zone’ is hard to define.

24. Juice
Lesson: Chill

23. Pinoyblogero
Lesson: Talented people do not resort to false marketing, like say, being 13 forever.

22. Andrew de la Serna
Lesson: Respect begets.

21. Jessica Zafra
Lesson: Eccentricity is an artist’s trait. Wear glasses and get a cat! Meow..

20. The Vegan Prince
Lesson: Love animals.. eat plants

19. MLQIII (and his blogs’ comments)
Lesson: Like 1st grade science, a discussion on Philippine politics entails alot of observations and inferences.

18. RamblingVirus
Lesson: Yoda-talk, plausible, when, abstractness, you speak.

17. Harsh Poetic Chaos
Lesson: Say today, shrug tomorrow.

16. ZeroVoltage
Lesson: Like a Saturday night, I will come and go.

15. Jehzeel Laurente
Lesson: Natututunan naman lahat yan.. Waaaaaaaaa

14. BatangYagit
Lesson: God sends…

13. Heneroso Bistokya (does not blog anymore)
Lesson: Everything has an end.

12. Rens “Fucking” Sese
Lesson: Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end

11. Janette Toral
Lesson: Win through actions, never through argument.

10. Gibbs Cadiz
Lesson: Behave.

9. Xienah
Lesson: Makulay ang buhay ..sa sinabawang gulay

8. A Gypsy Heaven
Lesson: In Britain, the second floor is the first floor. The first floor is the ground floor.

7. Greenpinoy
Lesson: Best is humor directed to oneself.. or the president.

6. Pat Sessions
Lessons: There’s a reason why a Philippine version of the ACLU should be put up. MLQIII.. whatchutink?

5. Rheytarded (does not blog anymore)
Lesson: Meaningful conversations don’t always have to be smart

4. Andianka
Lesson: People say Mariam Santiago is crazy. Not true.

3. FruityOaty
Lesson: Use absence to increase honor

2. ChickenMafia
Lesson: Like love, the toilet bowl is a social equalizer.

1. Gagopolis (the most unforgettable thing I learned this year)
Lesson: Sa Numerology, importante ang numbers.

Lastly, to Malu Fernandez. May you have more flights and Jo Malones this year. Cheers to a Happier 2008! =P


Google’s pagerank is an algorithm. That means it’s deep and complicated and there’s no way for you to uncover how it really means. Thankfully, there are people who are smarter than you who have revealed the secret of Pagerank to me! Yay!

Pagerank functions as a way to track the value of a site. On the dead of night it lets its monstrous spiders out to check how many one-way links it has, how many page hits it gets, and its content. The report comes out on a Google toolbar where your site is ranked between 1-10, with one being not so important to a pagerank of seven being highly important to a PR10 being like an internet demigod! In short, you should feel proud if you have a high pagerank.

But there is an even bigger purpose for pagerank, especially coming from the making money online industry. If you have better pagerank your articles are priced larger, this because you are taken to be of importance by the internet. If you have a PR5 or 6, you might as well leave your job and stick to the net as your earnings should absolutely be soaring.

The question therefore is, How do you get a high pagerank?

I already mentioned the answer – one-way links, page hits and content – as these are the factors caught and measured by Google to determine what your pagerank is.  Content-wise, I suggest you stick to a niche to make sure that you get top ranking for a certain keyword. As far as one-way links and page hits are concerned, the only way you can build this is by being in the internet for years.

I would advise you to constantly promote your website to gain considerable pagerank.


1 – Contrary to popular belief, I am not a drug addict. I have never tried marijuana, shabu, ecstasy, valium, prozac, vics and rugby. Gasoline is another question, I only get to smell it at the station.

2 – Contrary to popular belief, I am not gay. Smart guys tend to create the impression. I guess the male species are taken to be generally stupid. Ouch! Anyway, I am sexually repulsed of my own kind.

3 – Contrary to popular belief, I am not crazy. When I told my schoolmate in gradeschool that Leukemia was the cure for AIDs (because it replaces the white blood cells) I was serious.

4 – Contrary to popular belief, I am not a bitter person. I may have the serial-killer aura – smart, crazy, charming, witty, articulate, angry, weird – but the description would have to include handsome for me to consider it.

5 – Contrary to popular belief, I am not a heretic. Even if I’m for pre-marital sex, I still go to church.

6 – Contrary to popular belief, I was not born this way. I swear..

End notes:
This was a tag from Blue Arden and TurismoBoi


The telephone is the worst invention ever made – it has been used by countries to connive among and against each other, it has allowed extraterrestial beings to locate us and download our porn from their highly developed membranes, it has given rise to call centers, telemarketers, prank callers and basically anything that comprises unwanted conversations.

Today I wanted to sleep. May 28, 2007 is Memorial Day in the US, a national holiday. That means extended bed time for overworked, underpaid, boss-stressed insomniacs. But the phone wouldn’t let me.

Mom had been receiving calls from her friends. Surprisingly, at 10am, my brothers were getting calls from their friends too. (I wonder how they could be morning-people during vacation; throughout the school-year they could barely get out of bed.) It was one phone call after another; ringing like an alarm clock, sending quaint noises to my ear that filled me with madness.

It was at the tenth straight phone call that I snapped. I ground my teeth, got up, stormed the hall onto the living room, charged toward the phone, picked it up and screamed at the mouthpiece with sheer anger.


And.. what do you know, it’s a priest.

I was dumbfounded. It was like a cheap prank from heaven. “What you gonna now, Paolo? Scream at a priest?” That or the devil must be on my trail.


The phone shall live another day.

End notes:
The priest asked for my mom. weird.


You’re all gonna hate me for this.. In the last month that I’ve been active in the blogosphere I’ve come across blogs on other publishing platforms that just irk the hell out of me. So this post is dedicated to them. ahehe.

1. Friendster – They claim service to over 40 million people. Pfft! Half of them are filipinos with the names “Certified Hottie” “Certified Adik” and a multitude of poseurs named after artists, specifically Hero Angeles. The first thing on my mind when I see people on friendster is “21st century zombies”

2. Multiply – What would you choose: A fake Hero Angeles account or a real KC Concepcion account? *insert evil laugh* Anyway, I would’ve liked Multiply if only it weren’t too cool. I mean, really, you can do anything on that site. Although, you cant put google ads and you cant comment on other blogs unless you’re logged. Bummer.

3. LiveJournal – They make cool people look like products of some charity event. I think they try to control the ballpark too much. Plus they’re interface is ugly. I mean, why do you have to see your photo every time you post something?

4. Blogdrive – Rhey will be reading this. So I’m not gonna say anything… ok, just one – some blogs you cant see unless you’re logged in. (sa iba hindi ka lang pwede magcomment pag hindi ka logged in, dito hindi mo man lang makita yung blog)

5. WordPress – Pag kinakarir mo na ang pagb-blog, you have to switch to wordpress. Seriously, they have anything and everything you could ever want for your blog. They even think of things before you do. But when you take out everything.. those widgetty stuffs aren’t the ones keeping the people on your blog. Sometimes they can even be distractions to writing.

6. Blogger – This is where I spend most of my time so I know how messed up it is. Ever heard of Spam blogs? They’re all using blogger.. ahehe. But I like the freedom on this blog. Not too uptight, not too indifferent. Just right for me.


End notes:
before you barrage me with your own wisdom, I should remind you that this is my opinion.

alright, now you may start!