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Google’s pagerank is an algorithm. That means it’s deep and complicated and there’s no way for you to uncover how it really means. Thankfully, there are people who are smarter than you who have revealed the secret of Pagerank to me! Yay!

Pagerank functions as a way to track the value of a site. On the dead of night it lets its monstrous spiders out to check how many one-way links it has, how many page hits it gets, and its content. The report comes out on a Google toolbar where your site is ranked between 1-10, with one being not so important to a pagerank of seven being highly important to a PR10 being like an internet demigod! In short, you should feel proud if you have a high pagerank.

But there is an even bigger purpose for pagerank, especially coming from the making money online industry. If you have better pagerank your articles are priced larger, this because you are taken to be of importance by the internet. If you have a PR5 or 6, you might as well leave your job and stick to the net as your earnings should absolutely be soaring.

The question therefore is, How do you get a high pagerank?

I already mentioned the answer – one-way links, page hits and content – as these are the factors caught and measured by Google to determine what your pagerank is.  Content-wise, I suggest you stick to a niche to make sure that you get top ranking for a certain keyword. As far as one-way links and page hits are concerned, the only way you can build this is by being in the internet for years.

I would advise you to constantly promote your website to gain considerable pagerank.


Even those who know little of chess understand that it is a game of war. That to play includes moves and strategies, all towards an ultimate goal of killing the king.

The king is the most ironic part of the game. The most sought, yet the most inadequate piece on the board. He stands tall in his place as war goes. He seemingly overlooks all of it. Yet he enjpys being in one place, defended by all. It is only once he has lost everything that he runs.

He runs until the time is up. He runs as the warriors of his nemesis chase him, point their arrows at him. Mocking him as they watch him flee. They allow him sixteen moves before they would finally surround him. Then it is over.

The king is the master of all, but the queen is stronger than he is. The movements of the king should only take a step at a time. Otherwise, he would be cheating. The queen on the other hand, can storm troopers from one end to another. Sometimes you would almost consider her the most important piece of all. To lose your queen often means to lose the game as well.

For a king to be murdered he must first be immobilized. We call it checkmate, which means, literally, “the king is dead.”

Sometimes, though senseless, the war does not end in the kings murder. This they call a draw. It is at this point that the king re-builds his army, marries a queen. and trains his cavalry. And back to war he goes.

Man is the only animal that deals in that atrocity of atrocities, War. He is the only one that gathers his brethren about him and goes forth in cold blood and calm pulse to exterminate his kind. He is the only animal that for sordid wages will march out… and help to slaughter strangers of his own species who have done him no harm and with whom he has no quarrel…. And in the intervals between campaigns he washes the blood off his hands and works for “the universal brotherhood of man” – with his mouth.
Mark Twain

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Wendy was filled with grief as she saw Peter sink into the Abyss – the dark sea north of Neverland, where no man has escaped before. Beside her was the Indian, Tiger Lily who shared her sorrow.

Peter had asked the help of the Indian girl when he learned that an unheard nemesis, Demitrios, had captured Wendy. Witnessing the tragedy, only then did Tiger Lily make sense of Tinkerbell’s words – that Demitrios was the son of Capt. James Hook, that he had fed the pirate Starkey to the crocodile in order to kill it and get the clock from its innards; proving to the crew that his father was incapable of being captain. And that he was responsible for Smee’s death which made the pirates doubt their leader, putting blame on his father and sending him to the plank. This was how Demitrios made himself captain of the Jolly Roger.

Tiger Lily, knowing Tinkerbell’s jealousy over Wendy, wept in guilt for overlooking the claims of the pesky pixie. She now understands how Demitrios had tricked Tinkerbell, just as Capt. Hook had done before, to answer some questions in exchange of a promise to kill Wendy. Tinkerbell revealed that Peter flew because of the happy thoughts that filled his heart along with her pixie dust.

“He had planned everything.” Tiger Lily whispered as she turned her back from the cliff..

Wendy’s eyes were blank, emotionless as she looked on to the waters. The plain expression on her face revealed a confused and shattered heart.

She had been trying to convince Peter to come back home with her to grow up like a normal kid – go to school, get a job, grow old and have kids. Peter had always been angry about it; not this morning. Waking up, he told Wendy that he had made up his mind and he was certain he wanted to be with her forever. He sealed it with a kiss. And now he is lost.

In the end, it was Wendy whom Demitrios would use as bait. The pirates captured her by using Tinkerbell to lure her ashore where they waited. Wendy fell for it. To free Tinkerbell from blame, the pirates made it look like a kidnap, attacking Tinkerbell the same. Little did the fairy know she was actually being kidnapped as well. The pirates covered the faces of their victims and tied their hands, only taking their blindfolds once they had reached the murky waters of the Abyss.

When finally Pan revealed himself, Demitrios remorselessly killed Tinkerbell. That brought Peter to a rage instantly taking his ability to fly.

Demitrios, who was master of whip, sword and pistol suddenly had the upper hand.

Peter would only regain himself after the Indians, led by Tiger Lily, attacked the Jolly Roger; successfully rescuing Wendy and taking her to shore where they ran atop a cliff to see what had happened to Peter.

But what measly looked like a triumph soon turned to defeat.

It would come to their dismay that Demitrios, hanging by the plank at Peter’s mercy, would be able to use his whip on the sail and manage to trap Pan onto the anchor chains, easily reaching the lever that eventually sent it down.

Tiger Lily and Wendy could only watch as they saw Peter plunge into the water. He tried hard to escape from the chains as he battled to stay afloat; fighting for every gasp of air ’til, slowly, the waters of death gripped his whole body.

Tiger Lily cried for only the third time in her life. She knew she had seen the last of Peter Pan.

She would soon gather enough of herself to turn back to the waters and vow the vengeance of his friend against the cunning Demitrios. It was then that Tiger Lily realized, looking down the cliff, that she had seen the last of Wendy as well.

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It’s 3am and I’m forcing myself not to blog. My hands are pulling itself to the keyboard, my mind is creating stories in my head, my legs want to kuyakoy. Usually, i’d just be forcing myself to sleep. Ngayon meron nang kahati ang oras ko sa pagtulog. How odd is that?

Over the course of my blogging ‘karir’ (coz it’s not a real career), I have been able to pull out one post after another.

One of the series I’ve been most comfortable dealing with is Blog Drop. This is where I discuss the filipino blogging community and will most often put a remark on fake blogs, who blog for corrupt reasons. Another series I put up was the 100 Things You Wouldn’t Care to Know About Me. So far I’ve only finished 10.

Then there’s my short stories, which seem to engage the readers the most – as proven by Meant-to-Kill-You, Among Shot Glasses and Call Center Conversations. These are the posts with the most comments. You might want to check The Fuzz About Queues since I consider it one of the funniest I’ve written. It was written in the earlier days of my blog.

So far I’ve only written The Death of Peter Pan. This I plan to make a series by writing stories that end up in some cartoon characters death, as if to create closure! Next in line is The Death of Buzz Lightyear. I’m also thinking about killing the Care Bears, The Jetsons and Denver, the Last Dinosaur.

A friend challenged me to write something queer. I haven’t taken him up on that but I will… because I have been re-dared by Rhey in exchange of her writing about Planet Z. mwahaha. It’s like writing a highschool paper, but with more spunk. You can suggest too… I like the challenge.

Often times I write posts that can be a bit controversial or self-destructive. I usually save those as drafts until I could come up with better ways to present it. One of them is the series A Blueprint of Things That Should Never Have Happened. I also plan to put up a series about the stupidity of the showbiz industry. I didnt want to post something showbiz before coz I think it’s stupid, but I guess writing about the stupidity isn’t stupid at all. errr… Gets nyo?

So what do you tihnk? Karirin ko na?