Where the Blowjob Got Its Name?

Apparently, and the fact that I was dreaming about Peter Petrelli, even though it happened at night, no part of my previous post qualified as a one night stand.. and oh did I hear of it! In text and calls and YM messages, my yaoi-watching, super-junior-adoring, emo-loving friends had expressed their disgust at me not crossing the sexual bloglines and fulfilling what they predicted I would do before turning 30… Come Out!

Well, sorry to say, I am as oaty as ever, but not yet as fruity. *Create that visual in your head.. say ‘Eww’.. and come back!* So to make up for that ALLEGED false marketing scheme to bring over Heroes fans over to my recently peniled blog (pagerank nil, thank you very much!), here’s a hell-hath-no-fury dose of sexual content straight from your philosophical bastard.
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Another Lesson in the Animal Kingdom

The weighing scale ruined my day at 9 in the morning. I’ve already had an empty stomach running for 12 hours and it still promoted a five pound weight gain since last week. “Bah humbug!” I said and ranted all the way to the kitchen where I was sarcastically weclcomed by ham, <i>longganisa</i> (Philippine sausage), and rice.

“We’re expecting visitors.” Mom said happily as she cooked egg trying to change my mood with her motherly smile. It was then that I said <i>”Bwiset na pagkain na yan!”</i> (meaning, <b>#$@#%^ this food</b>)

Mom told me not to curse in front of the table and I responded saying that my words were purely semantic. It was the proper word for what I wanted to say that conveyed the exact meaning of what I felt at that moment. “What word would you have me use?” I told her to which she replied “Maybe if you controlled yourself from eating then you wouldn’t be cursing at all.”

I always knew I inherited my mothers genes. She’s the only one who could advise me properly by making an underhanded insult. I should’ve just shut up before she rubbed me of my insecurity.

Mom, 1. Paolo, 0.

But because I inherited my mother’s genes, surely I had to say something smart alecky. So I told her, “if I say things different maybe I’d be perceived differently… From now on all my cuss words will be replaced with the word “Amen’ ..<i>Amen na pagkain yan!</i>”

<b>Lesson in the animal kingdom: Weary the cat that barks; he is a fox.</b>

Snowmobile Country

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Audio Ads

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The Matrix

“In general, the only ones holding ourselves back,
after 1946, would be ourselves.”

I kinda like that quote; it’s profound, meaningful and it’s got lots of commas. I caught it at MLQ3’s blog where I had to endure two and a half speeches – one great, one insightful, and one filled with the words Nanotechnology and Mathematics.

The gigolotic-sentimental-romantic that I am, I’ve never seen myself as someone who could change the world; more like the guy who sees it… coz those are the ones who live remarkable lives.

All that Rich Dad, Poor Dad crap does me no good but MLQ3’s quote does. Translation: We hear these speeches so we can see that which prevents us from becoming better people.

We are so used being spoonfed, staying in one place secured ourselves in four walls that is our prison. We forego vision and settle for the crap.