This is the poster that became source of talk in some Ateneo/LaSalle blogs over the weekend.

For those oblivious to what I’m talking about, DLSU and ADMU are the best private universities in the Philippines. They are rivals as well …kinda like Yale and Stanford, just poorer. The poster was brought by last year’s THES-QS World University Ranking where DLSU got #392 and ADMU got #484, four points higher than what the poster stated. For the general public, this means St. LaSalle does not only know how to spell, he also does not know how to read.

But however wrong that poster may be, it does not discount the fact that DLSU still ranked higher than ADMU. Now should you question that rank, DLSU also faired higher in the top 100 Universities in Southeast Asia. I wouldn’t question every darn survey just because it does not favor me, would I? DLSU ranks better.. it’s that simple. It does not take anything away from Ateneo.

Ok, it does. Lolz!

But all I’m saying is, do not go ahead of your emotions. Sourgraping and all that nonsense wont change statistics. And honestly, if only to be personal, I could think of the more obvious reasons


When Ateneo graduate student, blogger and Young Blood contributor, Frances Paola G. Doplon, quoted my Ateneo-La Salle top 5′s the other day for a pre-ateneo-lasalle UAAP article, I found it appalling that LaSallians (2 of them) came up to her and told her that LaSalle would win it. Apparently, civility was not included in the Lasallian 5 C’s – Christian, Committed, Confident, Competent, Concerned – yes, they teach that in LaSalle.

So, in another sarcastic response, one that wouldn’t undermine my green blood, I commented that I’d be praying to St. Thomas Aquinas for Ateneo to win (pointing to the upset that happened last year with the heavily favored Ateneans losing to the UST growling tigers, a team that barely made it to the final four.)

Looks like La Salle will beat Ateneo in the UAAP, but I will pray to St. Thomas to help Ateneo like he did to UST last year
– Paolo Mendoza 1981-present

I claim this because unlike the LaSallians, the Ateneans dont have a Patron Saint (St. Ignatius??). That’s why they’ve never won a championship! Sure they have a plethora of statues in their campus and minions of saints to bear upon, but not one from whom they could ask for a basketball miracle which, as most experts agree, they needed.

Good thing the Heavenlies heard my cry (yes, people, it was because of me!). If we were to tread down memory lane, we know that the Heavenlies dont like pride. It was for this reason that Babylon fell, Nietzsche became mad, the Titanic sank, why Ateneo lost last year and why some weird, holy, glorious Ateneo-fan-club was formed up in the sky yesterday to strike down on those green archers.

Game Summary: Chris Tiu made a three in the last 21 seconds that led Ateneo to win it 80-77 in overtime.

End notes:
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