Heath Ledger (1979 – 2008)

He was never a man of the mainstream – a coy individual, reluctant of the fame. He had an air of eccentricity which added to his already mysterious appeal. He chose hunger over the popcorn movie. He made us look farther than his star by playing characters that overshadowed him. And then there’s the fact that he actually had talent.

Some refer to him as that gay cowboy, or the son of Mel Gibson, or the next Joker. I wish we would at least refer to him with the justice of his portrayals. Heathcliff Ledger, 28, was an artist. Though, in a time when so many artists are blank beyond the superficial, to call him as such would still be an understatement.


It’s kiddie coolness!

I dont wanna give spoilers so I’ll just say At World’s End is the coolest film I’ve seen this year so far (nothing beats Nacho Libre though). Why does Johnny Depp look smart even when he’s playing weird? Oh, heck, he must be french!

After Spiderman 3, I thought I’d already despise every emo looking guy wearing dark eye liners, dancing awkwardly in front of people. Now I know that only applies to Peter Parker. As a matter of fact, I think that Captain Jack Sparrow will win hands down in any head-to-head with every darn superhero you can come up with. And he’s gonna beat them without even trying. (except for… Escueleto)

Sparrow must probably be the most annoyingly underated escape artist there is. He’s trapped, he’s escaped, he’s captured, he’s free, he’s dead, he’s alive again. He seems to always find a way to beat fate…. like Chuck Norris but with a whole lot of coolness. Proof: Keira Knightley!

I swear I can never be that guy. I know, even if I try to be him, I can only be one-tenth of him. Kinda like the guy in those mac commercials.

“Hi I’m a mac…”

End notes:
Good popcorn movie. 8/10


It’s 3am and I’m forcing myself not to blog. My hands are pulling itself to the keyboard, my mind is creating stories in my head, my legs want to kuyakoy. Usually, i’d just be forcing myself to sleep. Ngayon meron nang kahati ang oras ko sa pagtulog. How odd is that?

Over the course of my blogging ‘karir’ (coz it’s not a real career), I have been able to pull out one post after another.

One of the series I’ve been most comfortable dealing with is Blog Drop. This is where I discuss the filipino blogging community and will most often put a remark on fake blogs, who blog for corrupt reasons. Another series I put up was the 100 Things You Wouldn’t Care to Know About Me. So far I’ve only finished 10.

Then there’s my short stories, which seem to engage the readers the most – as proven by Meant-to-Kill-You, Among Shot Glasses and Call Center Conversations. These are the posts with the most comments. You might want to check The Fuzz About Queues since I consider it one of the funniest I’ve written. It was written in the earlier days of my blog.

So far I’ve only written The Death of Peter Pan. This I plan to make a series by writing stories that end up in some cartoon characters death, as if to create closure! Next in line is The Death of Buzz Lightyear. I’m also thinking about killing the Care Bears, The Jetsons and Denver, the Last Dinosaur.

A friend challenged me to write something queer. I haven’t taken him up on that but I will… because I have been re-dared by Rhey in exchange of her writing about Planet Z. mwahaha. It’s like writing a highschool paper, but with more spunk. You can suggest too… I like the challenge.

Often times I write posts that can be a bit controversial or self-destructive. I usually save those as drafts until I could come up with better ways to present it. One of them is the series A Blueprint of Things That Should Never Have Happened. I also plan to put up a series about the stupidity of the showbiz industry. I didnt want to post something showbiz before coz I think it’s stupid, but I guess writing about the stupidity isn’t stupid at all. errr… Gets nyo?

So what do you tihnk? Karirin ko na?


Like drumsticks
pounding on a broken snare,

so shall the people be made aware
of the uprising of the indie

when the unnoticed shall move
and shout with blinded ego

and overthrow the stereotype
and kill the hype
around that which they call norms

those branded as weirdos and geeks
will condemn those creeps
who malign them
and send them to tommy
and ask him
“what do you think of this monkey?”

and indies will represent
when those
amberzombies repent
the lie they’ve made of themselves

by refusing to express the real trends
behind their hearts and heads.
the people’s new hero
will be this 18 year old punk kid

wearing a shirt saying ‘fuck labels,’
chucks and yellow green hair

leading a pack of freaks,
geeks and schizophrenics

and everyone will exclaim
“Revolution! Revolution! Revolution!”

Like drumsticks
pounding on a broken snare!
see www.greenwayarts.org


“you’re the perfect example why first world citizens laugh at us.
pardon me… don’t be another brown monkey. there’s no such thing as taglish. people who use such, are those who are having a hard time communicating in straight english. might as well do your entries in tagalog.”

Got this comment from another blog and I just couldn’t but feel some sort of grim laughter inside me. This is the type of person I do not want to be associated with.

Well, if we were being technical about grammar this elitist would’ve:
1. begun every sentence with a capital letter.
2. put the word “taglish” and “tagalog” inside quotations (or in italics).
3. not use a comma where it said “people who use such, are those…”
4. there is no such thing as “STRAIGHT ENGLISH.”
5. the last sentence was a phrase.

“Reason has always existed, but not always in a reasonable form.”
Karl Marx, Father of Communism

End notes:
I am not a communist. My grammar is also horrible. ahehehe