Where the Blowjob Got Its Name?

Apparently, and the fact that I was dreaming about Peter Petrelli, even though it happened at night, no part of my previous post qualified as a one night stand.. and oh did I hear of it! In text and calls and YM messages, my yaoi-watching, super-junior-adoring, emo-loving friends had expressed their disgust at me not crossing the sexual bloglines and fulfilling what they predicted I would do before turning 30… Come Out!

Well, sorry to say, I am as oaty as ever, but not yet as fruity. *Create that visual in your head.. say ‘Eww’.. and come back!* So to make up for that ALLEGED false marketing scheme to bring over Heroes fans over to my recently peniled blog (pagerank nil, thank you very much!), here’s a hell-hath-no-fury dose of sexual content straight from your philosophical bastard.
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