I was doing a research on internet begging and I was just abhorred by the things people ask money for. I mean, there’s one who asked money for her credit card debt. And then there was this other one who asked for money to pay the rent. And then there was this one who wanted breast augmentation!

My goodness!

If it were in the Philippines, these people would’ve been re-baptized already(and then the church would get all the donations). Seriously! Isn’t that like asking money for the wrong reasons?! I mean, it’s cool that they’re honest and all but c’mon, “it’s not like you’re gonna die or something.”

So I just wanna tell you guys… I’m dying. (*coughs*) and I just want a couple hundred thousand dollars. I am placing a donation box on this aite and if you ever are willing to donate to those earlier mentioned, maybe you could help me out.

..or you can just comment to cheer me up.

End notes:
I’m dead serious though – I want your money. Proceeds will go to my pocket.


Abstraction is the process of simplifying things. In a world complicated by …uhm …math, there is great need for sweeping generalizations. The smarter term for that is complexity reduction.

If you read psychology books you’ll learn that complexity reduction is actually the manner of simplifying things by getting to the root cause. Generalizations on the other hand is to put blame on a whole without regards to reason or cause. How about that for ‘complexity reduction?’


The best example for this is Herod; referred to by some as Herod the Great.. a testament to how he had cultivated his immortality in the annals of world history.

Herod was one cruel son of a bitch. When you have enough guts to drown your political competitor, kill your own son, and order the massacre cute little babies, you couldn’t be any less of an asshole.

(I would not have claimed that had I lived in his time.)

There was only one thing that fulfilled Herod, that was his quest for power. If you have the time to read his biography you’ll learn that most everything he’s done was simply for the benefit of his rule (not necessarily for his people). Hence when those pharisees told him that his replacement had been born, he resorted to one thing and one thing alone – mass murder.

Of course he did not completely triumph, a couple named Mary and Joseph bore a child and escaped to Egypt with the supernatural help. I call it the ‘Christmas Spirit’


Generalizing may be a narrowminded approach but it definitely makes you famous.