I have been earning from the internet for months on now through blogging and I think it’s time I share a few tips and tricks. If you dont have an idea about this topic, making money online through the blogs is a new but very lucrative field. I would say the average blogger can earn about 600 a month at least if he blogs full time whereas those who blog as a hobby, or those who do not mind the inflow of cash might be earning alot less.

The first thing you should do if you wanna make money online is to set goals. My goal is to earn 5000/mo. from blogging. Though I’m nowhere near this goal at the moment, setting this plan urges me to continue working, to strive harder. The upside is already that you control your time and earn at your pace, you should keep yourself inspired to make money off of it.

I cant say that every blogger will earn 5000/mo., but I can say that the potential is there and that, since this medium is still relatively new, as time passes and blogging becomes accepted into the mainstream, you will surely earn from it.

How do bloggers earn anyway?

There are two main reasons why bloggers earn, through publishing ads and by writing reviews. You can also earn by selling domains or links, by giving consultations of your field, or by accepting donations but these are uncommon as a primary income for bloggers.

Publishing Ads

The industry is called “contextual advertising.” Basically, you have to apply to a company that allows you to publish their ads – these companies include Google Adsense, Bidvertiser, Adbrite and Chitika. Requirements from these companies vary when you apply, but you will definitely need to have a valid email address as all communication will be through this. You will also need to have a website or blog.

If you do not have a blog, you cannot apply. I suggest you get one now and learn the ropes of blogging. You can apply with free services such as Blogspot or Khoops so you wouldn’t have to spend anything. Wait until you have at least 10 posts before you apply to any of the ad-serving companies I mentioned.

The basic concept of earning from publishing ads is to get your readers to click on those ads showing on your website. Yes, if that sounded absurd to you, let me repeat it, if a reader is in your website and clicks on your ads, you earn. It’s that simple.

Writing Reviews

Writing reviews is a very easy way to earn money. The same with ad-serving sites, you will have to create an account and apply your blog, this time with paid review websites. These websites include PayPerPost and Review Me, to name a few.

To earn from paid reviews, you will have to meet standards of the advertisers. Advertisers usually approve reviews based on their Google Pagerank and Alexa Rank. The better rankings you have the higher chances you have of earning. That’s a difference of making $5 per post from a blog that has a low rank to $200 per post from a blog with a high rank.

How much money can I earn?

The potential for blogging goes as far as you can imagine – yes, you can earn hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions – but it is important that you remember that the amount of money you earn from blogging is relative to the time you spend on it and how much of that time is spent sensibly. The good news is that more and more people are making money off of blogging and they’re the ones who continue to prove to people that it’s a pocket-thickening industry.